used security tags

All electronic products are warrantied under a two year manufacturers warranty.

The Used Tags policy on returns is very simple.

Step 1: Package up the broken part.

Step 2: Call Used Tags at 800-934-7080 and ask for a shipping label, we will email you a return label.

Step 3: Attach the return label to the box and ship it to us.

Step 4: Used Tags ships you out a replacement part.

Any parts being replaced typically take 3-4 days for Used Tags to receive the part, then 2-3 days for you to receive the new part.

Possible electronic failures over a two year period can include

  • Alarm failure, no alarm sounding
  • Light bulb stops working, needs replacement bulb
  • False Alarms, requires a technical support call first. When this occurs typically the system simply needs re-tuned. Please call our technical support line at 800-934-7080.

This warranty does not include used security tags, hard tags or soft labels.